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Songkran Out with the Old and In with the New

發布時間 by Daniel Cummings, Writer

國家: 泰國


The people of Thailand work hard in a very hot climate, so it only makes sense that their biggest party is the world's largest water fight. Falling from the 13th to the 15th of April, Songkran celebrates the Thai New Year in style, with music, dancing and tons of splashing, as the typically mellow populace explodes into wild celebration. Picture Time Square right after the count-down, only extend it for three days, add 40º C heat and an endless amount of water guns, buckets, bottles, or any other instrument that allows you to soak a perfect stranger while shouting "Sawadee Pi Mai!" aka Happy New Year! After traveling Thailand, one of the most enduring images was that of a novice monk, maybe only eleven or twelve years old, looking poised and regal in his saffron robes while hurtling buckets of water at cyclists on the street of Pi and laughing his little shaved head off.
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Songkran isn't only about partying and beating the heat. It is a time of making resolutions, washing household Buddha images, and reconnecting with friends and family. Traditionally, Thais would pour small amounts of water into a person's hands or onto their head as a gesture of respect. The water is a symbol for cleansing the experiences of the previous year, and of starting fresh.
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什麼時候去 to Songkran

Songkran happens everywhere in Thailand. I was in Pi and would recommend it, as it's a lovely little place in the North to enjoy the New Year without experiencing the full extent of either the crowds or the heat. We enjoyed transport by local first class buses, which have attendants who distribute snacks as if you were on a flight, and had films, unfortunately not in English, but they were slightly cheaper than other tourist modes.


Both tourists and residents have been warned by the government to "revel within bounds" and could face arrest should they touch strangers faces with talc or throw ice cubes during Songkran. The splashing of passing motorcyclists and tuk-tuk drivers, as well as the wide-spread alcohol consumption, has lead to many accidents. The "backpacker's gettho" of Kohsan road often sees the worst of Songkran-related excess, so plan accordingly and party responsibly.



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